I went to Thailand!

Whoa! What an experience! If you told me last year that I’d have taken myself on such a wild ride, I’d’ve thought you were nuts. But I did it! And it was amazing (even if it did take me a solid week to recover from jetlag!).


6 Steps to Total Badassery

I designed my program based on exactly what I needed when I was recovering from my PTSD. I took everything I learned in my own recovery and created a 6 step program for women who are in the same situation I was in. Because fuck staying stuck in that. We have every right to reclaim our inner badasses and have an impact in the world.


Not sure if my full program is right for you…?

Sometimes it’s just easier to work one-on-one with someone for a little bit to find out if they’re a good fit. Or you just have one simply problem you need some limited support with. I’m now offering limited one-on-one strategy sessions to help you develop your next steps.