I don't do gratitude journaling

I don't do gratitude journaling

Let's talk about this whole gratitude journaling that everyone (except me, apparently) is super into.

Keeping a daily gratitude journal is just what it sounds like. Each morning (typically), you grab your journal (or notebook) and sit and write a bunch of things you're grateful for. Sometimes you write a certain number of things, sometimes you just write for a set amount of time.

The point is to focus on what you’re grateful for in your life and the things that are going well. The more you can write, the more you’re able to get your brain focused on the positive that you’ve got going on. And this is a great method for a lot of people looking to up their gratitude.

So why don't I do this? Because it doesn't connect with me.

It feels like a chore. The more I write, the less grateful I feel for the things that I’m adding to my list. Which kind of defeats the purpose right?

But here's the thing: science is clear as fuck that gratitude increases happiness and decreases depression.

So if gratitude journaling helps you feel more grateful...awesome! Keep it up!

But if it doesn't, there are some other ways you can get on the gratitude train. My personal daily practice: a gratitude calendar.

Like it's journal counterpart, it's a daily activity. Every day (or most days at least), I write down one thing that happened on that day that I'm super fucking grateful for. And I spend a few moments really thinking about that and fully feeling the gratitude. Some of my fave examples this year:

  • bought a bunch of cool, funky socks from Target


  • had an awesome women's fight class

  • hiking trip with my puppy at my fave forest preserve

  • pizza and Assassin's Creed

  • relaxing cuddles with my pupperonies and kitties

  • realizing I know enough Arabic to understand some of it in the Mummy

Every day, I get to see my month filling up with good things that happened. Things that make me happy. It's something I see several times throughout the day. I don't usually stop to read it. But I can see it. I can see the days filling up with goodness. And that's enough to know how awesome shit is, even when it doesn't always feel like it.

Bonus: I get personalized calendars with photos that make me extra happy :)

As a visual person, I love the way the things I can see make me feel. So creating a gratitude calendar was a no-brainer. Find what works for you. Just make sure you’re integrating it into your day, every day. See what happens.

Give yourself a fucking break

Give yourself a fucking break

WOW...who wrote this?!

WOW...who wrote this?!