Naturally Nurture Your Inner Badass

Reclaim your inner badass to create your impact in 8 weeks even if you feel stuck and unmotivated, are unsure where to start, and are short on time.

Imagine the day…

When you’re confident enough to do anything you feel called to do with your life, like go on your first solo international trip (like I just did, to Thailand)!

When you know what your purpose is so you can go out and have the kind of impact you want, like starting your own life coaching business or opening up your own animal rescue!

When you have the energy and drive to accomplish any goal you set for yourself, like losing those pesky 10 extra pounds that have been driving you nuts for years!

When you can get back up after major life setbacks like losing your job or ending a long-term relationship AND everyday stress like doctor’s appointments or arguments with family, no longer dreading what’s to come!

When you can relax at the end of the day curled up on your couch with your favorite novel and a cup of hot chocolate, enjoying what went right instead of dwelling on what went wrong!

When you feel totally comfortable in your own skin, so you can walk out the door like a boss no matter what kind of hair day you’re having!

When you feel genuine happiness, calmness, freedom, clarity, joy!

What would be possible for you then?


It’s all about balance…

Want your own private mentor to guide you one-on-one who’s already lived through what you’re going through AND a sisterhood of badass women backing you up who are right there in it with you now? You got it!

Cyrene is a life changer. Her candid, no bullshit demeanor reminds me of a young, less grouchy Judge Judy. Her advice and guidance is a raw, cathartic kick in the ass. She didn’t put up with the lies and excuses I’d told myself for so long because it’s only through brutal honesty that you can face the painful, hidden wounds that must bleed before they can heal. The Samwise to my Frodo, this lady is awesome like a wookie!
— JK

I designed this program for you if you’ve already tried therapy but…

You still feel like you don’t know where to start in reclaiming yourself or how to achieve your ideal life.

You still wonder if it’s even possible to be happy.

You worry your doubts and negative thoughts are actually true.

You still struggle balancing taking care of yourself and your family, home, or work responsibilities.

You can’t figure out why after all the changes you’ve already made you still feel down.

You feel like you should be able to fix this on your own, but it hasn’t been working.

You’re investing little bits here and there in self-help but haven’t yet taken that necessary final step in your own healing…and might not have even known that it exists!


What you do inside the program to reconnect you with your badass self…

Create go-to habits to relieve stress. Learn how to navigate challenges with ease. Find your purpose. Boost your confidence. Gain control of your life. Learn how to be sure about the decisions you make. Gain your independence.

You gain everything you need to be a badass when you join Broken to Balanced!

You gain a sense of purpose and direction in your life, giving you the tools and skills to achieve your goals, define your purpose, and be a badass.

You gain an understanding of who you really are so you have the confidence to be her always.

You gain a personal trainer for your mental health with one-on-one support so you can overcome your biggest struggles.

You gain a group of awesome and supportive women backing you up who are are in the exact same boat as you so you never feel alone.

You gain lifetime access to a 8 week training program to guide you through these challenges so that you can reach your goals no matter what and reclaim your inner badass.

You gain weekly group calls to help keep you accountable and get the support you need on the weekly modules.

You gain continued support and accountability inside a membership group to give an even bigger boost to your personal growth.

My 6 Steps to Total Badassery System (which you get inside my program) will guide you through the processes you need to finally take back control of your identity and life (a $4,500 value)!

  • Training 1: Identity - define who that badass is so that you can start being her right now ($750 value).

  • Training 2: Mind - learn better thought patterns to get you out of negative thinking and self-doubt for good so that you feel motivated and ready to go ($750).

  • Training 3: Body - step up your health and self-care game so that you really feel your best and have the energy to keep going ($750 value).

  • Training 4: Soul - find your purpose to establish a solid connection with yourself ($750 value).

  • Training 5: Society - establish boundaries so you can balance your needs with those of your family, friends, and work ($750 value).

  • Training 6: Shadow - learn to deal with and accept the parts of you that bring fear and shame so that you can finally fully love yourself ($750 value).

To guarantee you can get the most out the trainings, you also get group and one-on-one support (a $2,875 value).

  • 8 weeks of unlimited individual online coaching ($1,600 value).

  • Online support group ($175 value).

  • 6 scheduled group coaching calls ($600 value).

  • 2 one-on-one coaching calls when you feel you need them most ($500 value).*

BONUS! In addition to the program, you’re also getting a lifetime of extra training, support, and accountability in the Broken to Balanced members only group (a $3,775 value).*

  1. An online support group so that you continue to have the backup and accountability that you need in your life ($175 value).

  2. Continued support and mentorship from me ($1,600 value).

  3. Free beta access to newly created courses on topics that you select for additional personalized coaching ($1,000 value).

  4. Huge discounts on all online trainings in the academy on topics like establishing boundaries, creating healthy friendships, and dealing with work stress so that you can continue your personal growth and never stop learning ($1,000 value).


Here’s where you go next…

Go from feeling broken to having balance and bringing your inner badass to the surface. You can get the exact steps I’ve used to recover from my PTSD, find balance in my life, and nurture my inner badass for just one simple payment of $497. Months of support and a lifetime of change for less than what most people spend on coffee in a year!


When does this start? You’ll be able to get started within a day of signing up! With bells on! (Or not, your call.)

How will I be able to get personalized attention in a group? I only work with 12 women at a time. Big enough so you have plenty of group support, but small enough that I can provide individual support to each woman in the group! In addition to weekly group calls, where everyone will have a chance to participate, there’s also a Facebook group where you can ask questions and I’ll respond to each and every one of your posts. PLUS you get one-on-one calls with me so you’re absolutely guaranteed to get the individual attention you deserve and need to succeed.

What if I don’t have a lot of time to participate? We all get busy. It’s a part of life. But do you really have time to not deal with this? Mental health impacts EVERY SINGLE PART of your life. Spending 4-6 hours each week for 8 weeks gives you a lifetime of change. It’s less than an hour a day. Is that really something you can afford NOT to make time for? I’ve created this program so you know exactly what to focus on so you’re not wasting time on things that don’t work. This program will save you time in the long run!

What if I can’t afford it? This is an investment in you. Can you afford to continue living the way you have been? You’re here, so probably not. How much is it costing you to feel stuck and frustrated? What is your mental health worth to you? I’ve invested thousands in therapy and self-help over the past 15 years. It all helped but didn’t do the trick once and for all. If I’d taken everything I’d spent on all of that and invested it in a program like this, I would have actually SAVED MONEY in the long run. And there’s also a couple payment options for you to choose from. Plus, this is the lowest price this program’ll ever be so it’s one helluva bargain I’m giving you.

Will you be offering this program later? Yes, but it’ll cost more and you’ll delay reclaiming your inner badass. I will never again offer this program for such a low price. And in the meantime, you’ll still feel stuck and joyless. I don’t want that for you. And I hope you don’t want that for yourself!

What if I decide it isn’t for me? If you’ve consistently been applying the practices and working on the program but just don’t care for my methods, then I’ll give you a full refund. Contact me within a couple weeks of signing up and we’ll work that out! I don’t have a problem offering this because I know just how life changing this work is. I’m completely confident that if you’re applying what I’m teaching, you’ll want to keep going!


I know my program works, because I use it!

Hey there! I’m Cyrene, your sarcastic and dorky badass guide on this awesome journey we’re about to go on together. Broken to Balanced is a culmination of everything that worked in dealing with my own PTSD over the past 15 years, so I’m 1000% confident in it…because I use it! Combined with my own experience in recovering from PTSD, I also have a Master’s degree in biology. The years I’ve spent experimenting with different strategies and the thousands I’ve spent on my on my own recovery I’ve put back into this program for you. I’ve incorporated both my personal and academic backgrounds to make this program as healing for you as it can possibly be. And I can’t fucking wait to see how much it helps you too!

*The 1:1 coaching calls and lifetime access to the member’s only group are only available with the pay in full option. The payment plan will still include 1:1 online support and 2 months in the member’s only group after the program ends.